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Abbie's Pecan Delights

About Abbie's Pecan Delights

The Cookie Story

I have been baking the Delightful Pecan Cookies for over 27 years. I got the recipe from my mom and sister but tweaked it just a bit to fit my liking. I only baked the cookies during the holidays for my family and then decided to start giving them as gifts to friends and family members because we could not afford to buy gifts for everyone. From there it just grew, we started blessing neighbors, coworkers, my kid’s teachers, the mailman, my husband’s barber, my beautician, you name them, and they got cookies LOL. They became such a hit that people would send their empty cookie tins back in hopes of getting more cookies the next year. Some even bought new cookie tins, which was great. People have begged for the recipe and even wanted to pay me for it! Family members have encouraged me over the years to start selling them, but I just did not think that anyone would want to buy them because I gave them away as gifts. Boy I was so wrong about that; they have been selling like crazy!!

The Praline Story

I have been making the Pecan Praline Delights for over 20 years. There was this Cajun restaurant that my coworkers and I use to eat at during our lunch breaks, for the likes of me I cannot remember the name of the restaurant, it has since gone out of business. They would have these wonderful pralines at the hostess stand as free treats for the customers. I promise I only went back for the pralines not the food LOL. On one occasion I asked to speak with the chef because I wanted to know how he made the pralines so soft and yummy. The chef was gracious enough to share the recipe with me and of course I tweaked it to my liking and over time and countless messed of batches of pralines I finally mastered the technique and started giving the pralines as gifts but only to special friends and of course my family members. To my amazement just like the cookies, they have been selling like crazy as well!!!

                                                                                                           Chef Abbie